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Jan. 5th, 2008

The Feeling of True Love

Let me jump straight to the point guys . . I was on my bed, depressed coz I was feeling rather sinful in my ways n deeds due to temptation . . . (a bit complicated to non-christians...) and then I prayed to God to forgive my vile ways and sincerly asked Him to speak to me through a verse, concerning my weakness . . .

Believe me or not, I see this verse which I've typed into my phone a looong time ago, and forgotten completely! This is how it goes: ''Temptation is not a sign of weakness or worldliness, it is a sign that satan hates you.'' Now how do you wana explain that . . . Huh?

I was dumbfounded for a couple o minutes! Imagine me staring at the screen! Now, this kind of incident ain't new to me, it just hasn't happened in awhile . . . So it was a bit of a . . . wot do u say . . shocker?? Anywez . . I thanked God for the Love He showed me when I sincerely asked of Him.

For, no matter how loyal we try to be to God, we can never be as loyal as He is to, unworthy us. I thank God for showing His pure love for me and lifting my spirit tremendously.

God is good all the time, n all the time God is good . . . The posHHut needs a bit of a clean up! Let me handle that n tell you about something else later . . .

Jan. 2nd, 2008

Claiming Journal plus My Blog Portfolio

Ok . . . since i brag about me other blogs and since i'm enjoying LJ, i'm claiming this journal. . here's a link to my Technorati profile, If you're interested - Technorati Profile

Some of the blogs are just to test various publishing platforms, so don't expect much.

The Quote Shopp (tm) - http://www.quoteshopp.blogspot.com and Tekky are my first blogs, and they've got some quality content.

The days gone a bit boring - wise today. . . . thats why i'm at The posHHut. . to chill out a bit . . .


Jan. 1st, 2008

The 1st Day

Yeah . . . its why i'm posting . . . The first of January, always a treat of a day. Brilliant ain't it? It seems like yesterday was the first of 2oo7! Buut . . time sometimes moves at warp speed!

I can think of a few ways in many to spend the day. Hmmm . . Let's see . . okay now, i'm posting
on LJ, next I've to post on me other blogs, then I've to get ready for our afternoon service at church, after thaaat . . dinner with faamily . . just a comfortable get-together.

But then you see the day is pretty much over and then we realize that time just glides past without warning. We just gotta utilize it . . .

Cheers to Time!
David F.S.

Dec. 31st, 2007

LJ and the New Year

Welcome. . . . to The posHHut, my humble abode. I'd like to start posting by confessing that I'm still testing LJ. But so far it's pretty smooth. I'm posting on the way to our annual CPM Convention, so i'm gona be brief.

This is The posHHut, my corner in other words. It's sort of a humble abode with snappy tips once in a while.

So come and check back once in a while, to get a lift in ur spirit or wonder about my little world that I've got going on here!

By the way i'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a great New Year ahead!
May God Bless and keep You!

David F.S.